Unraveling the thermodynamic conditions for negative gas adsorption in soft porous crystals

L. Vanduyfhuys, V. Van Speybroeck
Communications Physics
2, 102


Soft porous crystals (SPCs) are widely known for their intriguing properties and various counterintuitive phenomena such as negative linear compression, negative thermal expansion and negative gas adsorption (NGA). An intriguing case is the adsorption of methane in DUT-49 for which experimentally a drop in the amount of adsorbed particles was observed under increasing vapor pressure. It is yet unknown which specific systems can exhibit NGA under which thermodynamic conditions. Herein, a semi-analytical thermodynamic model is applied to determine the conditions required for NGA, including their sensitivity towards various system-specific parameters, and investigate the correlation with pressure-induced breathing. As such, it is found that certain non-breathing materials may exhibit breathing with NGA under application of a fixed mechanical pressure. Such meticulous control of multiple triggers for NGA can open the way to new applications such as tunable gas detection and pressure amplification.

Gold Open Access