Welcome to the Center for Molecular Modeling

The Center for Molecular Modeling focuses on frontier research in six major areas - chemical kinetics in nanoporous materials, computational material research on the nanoscale, spectroscopy, many-particle physics, model development & bio- and organic chemistry. Our multidisciplinary research team is currently composed of about 40 researchers from the Faculties of Sciences (WE05) and Engineering and Architecture (EA17, EA08) of Ghent University.

New A1-publications

N.S. Giakoumis, C. Vos, K. Janssens, J. Vekeman, M. Denayer, F. De Proft, C. Marquez, D.E. De Vos , Green Chemistry , 26, 340-352 , 2024


Every year on Dies Natalis, Ghent University awards various honorary doctorates. This year, one of the Honorary doctorates was awarded to prof. Bert Weckhuysen from the Utrecht University for his exceptional scientific achievements in the field of... more
During summer 2023 Pieter Cnudde, Michel Waroquier and Veronique Van Speybroeck published a paper on ‘Universal descriptors for zeolite topology and acidity to predict the stability of butene cracking intermediates’ in Catalysis Science and... more

Open vacancies

  The Rogge group, embedded within the multidisciplinary Center for Molecular Modeling (molmod.ugent.be) at Ghent University, Belgium, is looking for highly motivated researchers to perform state-of-the-art computational research in... more