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PhD position at CMM for a computational scientist
We are partners in a MSCA DN-JD project (Doctoral Network – Joint Doctorate) SENNET. The aim of SENNET is to create disruptive sensor technology for indoor air quality by incorporating porous materials and sensor technology. The project has pooled... more

Press Releases

As next-generation materials for applications in the chemical industry, energy conversion, and more become increasingly complex to meet the stringent requirements, so does their atomic-level structure. This complexity makes it very challenging to... more
Deze publicatie over het synthetiseren van biocatechol uit hernieuwbaar ferulazuur is een zeer mooie samenwerking tussen 3 verschillende universiteiten en er verscheen dit artikel over in het vakblad van de KNCV : more
De jongste generatie computercodes levert volledig gelijkwaardige voorspellingen van materiaalgedrag, onafhankelijk van de gebruikte software. De studie, onder impuls van UGent-wetenschappers, verschijnt deze week in Science. Een team van... more


After three years we could finally organize our yearly potluck breakfast again. On Thursday morning October 13th, 2022 we welcomed six new master students and a new PhD student. At the beginning of October Alen T. Mathew joined CMM to work... more
On September 15th our colleague Maarten Cools-Ceuppens successfully defended his PhD. During his defence Maarten presented his work entitled ‘Incorporating long-range interactions and polarization in machine learning potentials with explicit... more
From September 4th until 7th, 2022, the 8th International Conference on Metal-Organic Frameworks and Open Framework Compounds (MOF2022) took place in Dresden. It was an ideal platform for scientists, developers and users to connect and present their... more