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In recent years, the Center for Molecular Modeling has spearheaded the development of a computational protocol to reliably model the mechanical stability of soft materials such as metal-organic frameworks. The result of this effort recently... more
“Modelling and Simulation in the Science of Micro- and Meso-Porous Materials” was edited by Richard Catlow, Veronique Van Speybroeck and Rutger van Santen and covers cutting-edge topics in the fascinating field of micro- and meso-porous science... more
CMM's publication entitled "Nature of active sites and beneficial influence of water in the catalysis of Fischer esterification" by Chiara Caratelli, Julianna Hajek, Francisco G. Cirujano, Michel... more


Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowships

The Center for Molecular Modeling is open to host potential MSCA Individual Fellowships, provided your research topic fits into our active research lines and provided you have a proven excellent track record. We are typically interested in researchers who can enforce our team and have a strong motivation to work in a highly ambitious research team. If you are interested, we request that you send your CV to Prof. V. Van Speybroeck ( All applications will be screened upon their suitability to the criteria set above.

Our university provides support to potential applicants who choose UGent as host institution. More information can be found here:

Press releases

Betrouwbaarheid van materiaalsimulaties bewezen via online internationaal onderzoek
→ De jongste generatie computercodes levert volledig gelijkwaardige voorspellingen van materiaalgedrag, onafhankelijk van de gebruikte software... more
Innovatieve technologie tegen klimaatopwarming ontwikkeld door UGent en Berkeley (VS)
→ Het Centrum voor Moleculaire Modellering (UGent) en de University of California, Berkeley, stellen een nieuwe, goedkopere, technologie voor... more