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At the moment we have no open vacancies at the CMM. Spontaneous job applications could be submitted to Prof. Veronique Van Speybroeck (

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Crumple zones form a critical safety measure to protect passengers during vehicular incidents. In a recent Matter article, researchers at the Center for Molecular Modeling (CMM) translated this safety concept to the atomic level. By designing... more
As next-generation materials for applications in the chemical industry, energy conversion, and more become increasingly complex to meet the stringent requirements, so does their atomic-level structure. This complexity makes it very challenging to... more
Deze publicatie over het synthetiseren van biocatechol uit hernieuwbaar ferulazuur is een zeer mooie samenwerking tussen 3 verschillende universiteiten en er verscheen dit artikel over in het vakblad van de KNCV : more


Exascale computers are supercomputers that can perform 1018 floating point operations per second and started coming online in 2022. In Europe the exascale machine JUPITER is due to launch in 2023. However in 2022, LUMI – one of the pan-... more
© Jonge Academie (2023) Vanaf 2023 tot 2028 zal CMM-er Sven Rogge de Jonge Academie vervoegen. Sven ambieert om tijdens zijn termijn de aandacht voor onderzoek in al zijn facetten aan te wakkeren, en dit zowel bij de brede bevolking als bij de... more
Friday January 20th, 2023 we welcomed the CMM family and friends to raise a glass to the new year. We were happy to reinstall an old tradition of meeting each other in person. We took a moment to look back at the past two years, looked forward to a... more