Unified description of odd-mass In nuclei. III. Application to 119,121In

K. Heyde, M. Waroquier, P. Van Isacker
Physical Review C
22 (3), 1267-1278
Published while none of the authors were employed at the CMM


We describe the odd-mass indium nuclei A=119, 121 within the framework of the unified-model taking into account the coupling of single-hole and one-particle-two-hole proton configurations with quadrupole and octupole vibrations of the underlying core. Besides the energy spectra, spectroscopic factors for pickup and electromagnetic transition properties [branching ratios, T1/2(1/21+); δ(3/21-→1/21-)] are calculated and compared with experimental data, mainly for 119In: The yrast structure of the vibrational multiplet states has also been studied in lowest order perturbation theory and in the unified-model description. These calculations are also approached from a deformed zero-order description giving the total potential energy surfaces of all odd-mass In nuclei. Extensive band-mixing calculations produce energy spectra for the 1/2+ rotational-like band and are used to calculate static moments and transition rates. The equivalence with the former, spherical description is pointed out.
NUCLEAR STRUCTURE Unified-model calculations, 119In and 121In, level schemes, branching ratios T1/2(1/21+), δ(3/21-→1/21-); yrast structure of vibrational multiplet, deformed description; total potential energy surfaces; Coriolis bandmixing.