Rules All PIs Should Follow

J.S. Chen, C.Y. Huang, S. Lanke, M.S. Fernandopulle, Y. Ji, Y. Zhi, S.G. Rodríguez, A.Y. Frommel, M. Lukacisin, Y. Zhang, C.N. Zdenek, X.-Y. Wu, S. Seenuvasaragavan, Y. Zhuang, C. Bergh, J. Coulbois, S. Salloum-Asfar, B. Cao, K. Davis, F. Oda, N. Konstantinides, L. Zhang, D. Agarwal, J.N. Rainaldi, J. Kadlec, J. Vekeman, V.A. Kanicherla, K. Oi, K.J. Isaacson, R. Ganji, E. Dawson-Glass
376, 6588, 24-26


We asked young scientists to write a rule that all principal investigators (PIs) should be required to follow to improve the experience of young scientists in their lab. Read a selection of their suggestions below. Follow NextGen Voices on Twitter with hashtag #NextGenSci.