Richardson-Gaudin description of pairing in atomic nuclei

S. De Baerdemacker
Journal of Physics: Conference series
366, 012010


The present contribution discusses a connection between the exact Bethe Ansatz eigenstates of the reduced Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) Hamiltonian and the multi-phonon states of the Tamm-Dancoff Approximation (TDA). The connection is made on the algebraic level, by means of a deformed quasi-spin algebra with a bosonic Heisenberg-Weyl algebra in the contraction limit of the deformation parameter. Each exact Bethe Ansatz eigenstate is mapped on a unique TDA multi-phonon state, shedding light on the physics behind the Bethe Ansatz structure of the exact wave function. The procedure is illustrated with a model describing neutron pairing in 56Fe.