Relationships between two-particle overlap functions and the two-body density matrix for many-fermion systems

A.N. Antonov, S.S. Dimitrova, M.V. Stoitsov, D. Van Neck, P. Jeleva
Physical Review C
59 (2), 722-725
Published while none of the authors were employed at the CMM


Relationships are obtained connecting the two-nucleon overlap function of the eigenstates in the (A-2) particle system with the asymptotic behavior of the two-body density matrix for the ground state of the A-particle system. This makes it possible to calculate the two-body overlap functions, spectroscopic factors and separation energies on the basis of a realistic two-body density matrix. The procedure can be used in describing the (e,e′NN) and (γ,NN) reactions where the two-body overlap functions are a key ingredient in the analysis.