Read-Green resonances in a topological superconductor coupled to a bath

P. Claeys, S. De Baerdemacker, D. Van Neck
Physical Review B
93 (22) 220503(R)


We study a topological superconductor capable of exchanging particles with an environment. This additional interaction breaks particle-number symmetry and can be modeled by means of an integrable Hamiltonian, building on the class of Richardson-Gaudin pairing models. The isolated system supports zero-energy modes at a topological phase transition, which disappear when allowing for particle exchange with an environment. However, it is shown from the exact solution that these still play an important role in system-environment particle exchanges, which can be observed through resonances in low-energy and low-momentum level occupations. These fluctuations signal topologically protected Read-Green points and cannot be observed within traditional mean-field theory.