Reactivity of 3-oxo-β-lactams with respect to primary amines - an experimental and computational approach

N. Piens, H. Goossens, D. Hertsen, S. Deketelaere, L. Crul, L. Demeurisse, J. De Moor, E. Van den Broeck, K. Mollet, K. Van Hecke, V. Van Speybroeck, M. D'Hooghe
Chemistry - A European Journal
2017 (23), 1-9


The reactivity of 3-oxo-β-lactams with respect to primary amines was investigated in depth. Depending on the specific azetidin-2-one C4 substituent, this reaction was shown to selectively produce 3-imino-β-lactams (through dehydration), α-aminoamides (through CO elimination) or ethanediamides (through an unprecedented C3-C4 ring opening). In addition to the experimental results, the mechanisms and factors governing these peculiar transformations were also examined and elucidated by means of density functional theory calculations.