Radial Dependence of the Nucleon Effective Mass in 10B

L.J. de Bever, H.P. Blok, R.S. Hicks, C.W. De Jager, N. Kalantar-Nayestanaki, J.J. Kelly, L. Lapikás, R.A. Miskimen, D. Van Neck, G.A. Peterson, G. van der Steenhoven, H. De Vries
Physical Review Letters
80 (18), 3924-3927
Published while none of the authors were employed at the CMM


The dynamic properties of the atomic nucleus depend strongly on correlations between the nucleons. We present a combined analysis of inelastic electron-scattering data and electron-induced proton knockout measurements in an effort to obtain phenomenological information on nucleon-nucleon correlations. Our results indicate that the ratio of radial wave functions extracted from precise 10B(e,e′) and 10B(e,e′p) measurements evolve from an interior depression for small Em, characteristic of short-range correlations, to a surface-peaked enhancement for larger Em, characteristic of long-range correlations. This observation can be interpreted in terms of the nucleon effective mass.