Projected seniority-two orbital optimization of the antisymmetric product of one-reference orbital geminal

K. Boguslawski, P. Tecmer, P.A. Limacher, P.A. Johnson, P.W. Ayers, P. Bultinck, S. De Baerdemacker, D. Van Neck
Journal of Chemical Physics
140 (21), 214114


We present a new, non-variational orbital-optimization scheme for the antisymmetric product of one-reference orbital geminal wave function. Our approach is motivated by the observation that an orbital-optimized seniority-zero configuration interaction (CI) expansion yields similar results to an orbital-optimized seniority-zero-plus-two CI expansion [L. Bytautas, T. M. Henderson, C. A. Jimenez-Hoyos, J. K. Ellis, and G. E. Scuseria, J. Chem. Phys. 135, 044119 (2011)]. A numerical analysis is performed for the C-2 and LiF molecules, for the CH2 singlet diradical as well as for the symmetric stretching of hypothetical (linear) hydrogen chains. For these test cases, the proposed orbital-optimization protocol yields similar results to its variational orbital optimization counterpart, but prevents symmetry-breaking of molecular orbitals in most cases. (C) 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.