Nuclear structure of the heavyN=82 isotones:144Sm and146Gd

M. Waroquier, K. Heyde
Zeitschrift für Physik
268 (1), 11-18
Published while none of the authors were employed at the CMM


For single-closed shell nuclei with a large number of extra-protons, outside theZ=50,N=82 double-closed shell nucleus, a standard shell-model calculation yields dimensions of the Hamiltonian matrices beyond the scope of present computer technology. A quasi-particle (QP) calculation however, is able to describe the most important proton-excitations in a much restricted configuration space. Extended BCS+TDA calculations are performed on the single-closed shell144Sm and146Gd nuclei with a Gaussian force as effective two-body interaction. The influence of the nonconservation of the exact number of extra-protons in the BCS-approach is studied by performing a projection onto the states with an exact number of extra-protons (BCS+P). The first excited 2+, 4+ and 6+ states in146Gd are described mainly by the (1g7/2) 0 8 (2d5/2) 0 4 (1h11/2)2Jπ configuration.