Mn-salen@MIL101(Al) a heterogeneous, enantioselective catalyst using a ‘bottle around the ship’ approach

T. Bogaerts, A. Van Yperen-De Deyne, Y-Y Liu, F. Lynen, V. Van Speybroeck, P. Van der Voort
Chemical Communications
2013 (49), 8021-8023


An enantioselective catalyst, consisting of a chiral Mn(III)salen complex entrapped in the MIL-101 metal organic framework is reported. For the first time, we assemble a robust MOF-cage around a delicate chiral complex, without affecting the structure and stability of this complex. The newly prepared heterogeneous catalyst shows the same enantioselective excess compared to the homogeneous Mn(III)salen complex and is fully recyclable. Theoretical calculations yield insight into the dimensions of the various transition states of the epoxidation reaction.