Lattice location study of ion implanted Sn and Sn-related defects in Ge

S. Decoster, S. Cottenier, U. Wahl, J.G. Correia, A. Vantomme
Physical Review B
81, 155204


In this work, we present a lattice location study of Sn in Ge. From emission channeling experiments, we determined the exact lattice location of ion implanted 121Sn atoms and compared the results to predictions from density-functional calculations. The majority of the Sn atoms are positioned on the substitutional site, as can be expected for an isovalent impurity, while a second significant fraction occupies the sixfold coordinated bond-centered site, which is stable up to at least 400 °C. Corroborated by ab initio calculations, we attribute this fraction of bond-centered Sn atoms to the Sn-vacancy defect complex in the split-vacancy configuration. Furthermore, we are able to assign specific defect complex geometries to resonances from earlier Mössbauer spectroscopy studies of Sn in Ge.