Investigation of the 10B(γ,p) reaction using tagged photons

L.J. de Bever, D. Branford, J.-O. Adler, B.-E. Andersson, I. Bobeldijk, T. Davinson, R.S. Hicks, D.G. Ireland, K. Livingston, R.L.J. van der Meer, R.A. Miskimen, D. Van Neck, L. Isaksson, R.D. Page, G.A. Peterson, J. Rahighi, H. Ruijter, B. Schröder, G. van der Steenhoven, P.J. Woods, K. Wang, A.C. Schotter
Physical Review C
58 (2), 981-986
Published while none of the authors were employed at the CMM


The reaction 10B(γ,p) has been studied using tagged photons of mean energies Eγ=57.6 and 72.9 MeV. Angular distributions and derived single-particle momentum distributions for protons leading to the ground state of 9Be and higher excited states are compared to various calculations made using model parameters constrained by 10B(e,e′p)9Be and 9Be(p,p′)9Be measurements. The effects of varying final-state interactions (including channel couplings) and meson exchange currents are considered. A sizable discrepancy between direct-knockout calculations and the experimental results is observed. If meson exchange currents are included in an approximate fashion, a good description of the 10B(γ,p0)9Be data is found.