Hyperfine field and hyperfine anomalies of copper impurities in iron

V.V. Golovko, F. Wauters, S. Cottenier, M. Breitenfeldt, V. De Leebeeck, S. Roccia, G. Soti, M. Tandecki, E. Traykov, S. Van Gorp, D. Zakoucky, N. Severijns
Physical Review C
84, 014323


A new value for the hyperfine magnetic field of copper impurities in iron is obtained by combining resonance frequencies from experiments involving β-NMR on oriented nuclei on 59Cu, 69Cu, and 71Cu with magnetic moment values from collinear laser spectroscopy measurements on these isotopes. The resulting value, i.e., Bhf(CuFe) = -21.794(10) T, is in agreement with the value adopted until now but is an order of magnitude more precise. It is consistent with predictions from ab initio calculations. Comparing the hyperfine field values obtained for the individual isotopes, the hyperfine anomalies in Fe were determined to be 59Δ69=0.15(9)% and 71Δ69=0.07(11)%.