Extended-Skyrme-force calculation: Theoretical description and application to Ca and Sn isotopes

M. Waroquier, J. Sau, K. Heyde
Physical Review C
19 (5), 1983-2001
Published while none of the authors were employed at the CMM


The original Skyrme force is extended by a momentum dependent three-body term. A study is made on its influence on nuclear matter properties and properties of finite nuclei. The problem of spin-instability is treated in two nuclear models. A force parametrization is proposed, giving good estimates for all nuclear matter quantities (binding energy per nucleon, incompressibility, reduced mass, isospin symmetric energy, etc.), as well as properties of finite nuclei throughout the whole mass region (ground-state energy, nucleon distributions, rms radii, single-particle removal energies, etc.). The proposed parametrization satisfies the spin stability conditions. The force is able to describe satisfactorily the ground-state properties, even fine effects of two nuclear mass regions, one belonging to the light mass region (A=40-48) and one belonging to the medium heavy mass region (A=104-132).
NUCLEAR STRUCTURE Skyrme force extended with momentum dependent three-body term, spin stability conditions, application to Ca and Sn isotopes. © 1979 The American Physical Society