Eigenvalue-based determinants for scalar products and form factors in Richardson–Gaudin integrable models coupled to a bosonic mode

P. Claeys, S. De Baerdemacker, M. Van Raemdonck, D. Van Neck
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
48 (42), 425201


Starting from integrable su(2) (quasi-)spin Richardson–Gaudin (RG) XXZ models we derive several properties of integrable spin models coupled to a bosonic mode. We focus on the Dicke–Jaynes–Cummings–Gaudin models and the two-channel (p + ip)-wave pairing Hamiltonian. The pseudo-deformation of the underlying su(2) algebra is here introduced as a way to obtain these models in the contraction limit of different RG models. This allows for the construction of the full set of conserved charges, the Bethe ansatz state, and the resulting RG equations. For these models an alternative and simpler set of quadratic equations can be found in terms of the eigenvalues of the conserved charges. Furthermore, the recently proposed eigenvalue-based determinant expressions for the overlaps and form factors of local operators are extended to these models, linking the results previously presented for the Dicke–Jaynes–Cummings–Gaudin models with the general results for RG XXZ models.

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