Dosimetric characteristics of different types of saccharides: An EPR and UV spectrometric study

Y. Karakirova, N.D. Yordanov, H. De Cooman, H. Vrielinck, F. Callens
Radiation Physics and Chemistry
79 (5), 654-659


The time stability and dose response of the free radicals produced in various types of “less-studied” mono- and disaccharides by γ-radiation is studied by EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance) and UV spectrometry. The time evolution of the shape of the EPR spectra of irradiated saccharides is investigated from 5 min to 5 months after irradiation. The intensity of the stable EPR signal is studied as a function of the absorbed γ-dose in the range 0.5–20 kGy. Aqueous solutions of irradiated solid saccharides exhibit a UV absorption maximum in the range 250–290 nm. A linear dependency is found between the magnitude of the UV absorption maximum and the absorbed γ-dose. The time stability of the UV absorption maximum is also studied for every saccharide. The results are compared with those obtained for irradiated sucrose.