Diluted manganese on the bond-centered site in germanium

S. Decoster, S. Cottenier, U. Wahl, J.G. Correia, L.M.C. Pereira, C. Lacasta, M.R. Da Silva, A. Vantomme
Applied Physics Letters
97, 151914


The functional properties of Mn-doped Ge depend to large extent on the lattice location of the Mn impurities. Here, we present a lattice location study of implanted diluted Mn by means of electron emission channeling. Surprisingly, in addition to the expected substitutional lattice position, a large fraction of the Mn impurities occupies the bond-centered site. Corroborated by ab initio calculations, the bond-centered Mn is related to Mn-vacancy complexes. These unexpected results call for a reassessment of the theoretical studies on the electrical and magnetic behavior of Mn-doped Ge, hereby including the possible role of Mn-vacancy complexes.

Open Access version available at UGent repository