Configuration mixing in the neutron-deficient 186-196Pb isotopes

V. Hellemans, S. De Baerdemacker, K. Heyde
Physical Review C
77 (6), 064324
Published while none of the authors were employed at the CMM


In this article we report the results of detailed interacting boson model calculations with configuration mixing for the neutron-deficient Pb isotopes. Calculated energy levels and B(E2) values for 188-196Pb are discussed and some care is suggested concerning the current classification on the basis of level systematics of the 41+ and 61+ states in 190-194Pb. Furthermore, quadrupole deformations are extracted for 186-196Pb and the mixing between the different families (0p-0h, 2p-2h, and 4p-4h) is discussed in detail. Finally, the experimental and the theoretical level systematics are compared.