Block-ZXZ synthesis of an arbitrary quantum circuit

A. De Vos (Alexis), S. De Baerdemacker
Physical Review A
94, 052317


Given an arbitrary 2w×2w unitary matrix U, a powerful matrix decomposition can be applied, leading to four different syntheses of a w-qubit quantum circuit performing the unitary transformation. The demonstration is based on a recent theorem by H. Führ and Z. Rzeszotnik [Linear Algebra Its Appl. 484, 86 (2015)] generalizing the scaling of single-bit unitary gates (w=1) to gates with arbitrary value of w. The synthesized circuit consists of controlled one-qubit gates, such as negator gates and phasor gates. Interestingly, the approach reduces to a known synthesis method for classical logic circuits consisting of controlled not gates in the case that U is a permutation matrix.