Bimetallic–Organic Framework as a Zero-Leaching Catalyst in the Aerobic Oxidation of Cyclohexene

Y-Y Liu, K. Leus, T. Bogaerts, K. Hemelsoet, E. Bruneel, V. Van Speybroeck, P. Van der Voort
5 (12), 3657–3664


A gallium 2,2′-bipyridine-5,5′-dicarboxylate metal–organic framework (MOF), denoted as COMOC-4, has been synthesized by solvothermal synthesis. This MOF exhibits the same topology as MOF-253. CuCl2 was incorporated into COMOC-4 by a post-synthetic modification (PSM). The spectroscopic absorption properties of the MOF framework before and after PSM were compared with theoretical data obtained by employing molecular dynamics combined with time-dependent DFT calculations on both the as-synthesized and functionalized linker. The catalytic behavior of the resulting Cu2+@COMOC-4 material was evaluated in the aerobic oxidation of cyclohexene with isobutyraldehyde as a co-oxidant. In addition, the catalytic performance of Cu2+@COMOC-4 was compared with that of the commercially available Cu-BTC (BTC=benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylate) MOF. Cu2+@COMOC-4 exhibits a good cyclohexene conversion and an excellent selectivity towards cyclohexene oxide in comparison to the Cu-based reference catalyst. Furthermore, no leaching of the active Cu sites was observed during at least four consecutive runs.