Automated Parametrization of AMBER Force Field Terms from Vibrational Analysis with a Focus on Functionalizing Dinuclear Zinc(II) Scaffolds

S.K. Burger, M. Lacasse, T. Verstraelen, J.A. Drewry, P.T. Gunning, P.W. Ayers
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (JCTC)
8 (2), 554-562


A procedure for determining force constants that is independent of the internal redundant coordinate choice is presented. The procedure is based on solving each bond and angle term separately, using the Wilson B matrix. The method only requires a single ab initio frequency calculation at the minimum energy structure and is made available in the software "parafreq". The methodology is validated with a set of small molecules, by showing it can reproduce ab initio frequencies better than other methods such as taking the diagonal terms of the Hessian in internal coordinates or by using standard AMBER force fields. Finally, the utility of the method is demonstrated by parametrizing the dizinc scaffold of bis-dipicolylamine (BDPA) bound to phosphotyrosine, which is then functionalized into promising antitumor drug proteomimetics.