Mechanical Behaviour of Metal-Organic Framework Materials

The Royal Society of Chemistry



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In the first book dedicated to this rapidly expanding research area, Mechanical Behaviour of Metal-Organic Framework Materials, provides a convenient introduction on how chemistry determines structure-mechanical property relationships and functional performance. Much of the research efforts in metal-organic framework (MOF) and hybrid framework materials focus on synthesis and adsorption related properties. But practical applications of MOFs require a precise understanding of mechanical properties and knowledge of structure-property relationships, to ensure robustness in device manufacturing and mechanical resilience for long-term performance. Readers will learn through key experimental and theoretical techniques for studying MOF mechanical properties including elastic and plastic behaviour, framework dynamics, high-pressure response, rate effects, anomalous mechanical behaviour, and failure mechanisms. Edited by a pioneer of the field and with contributions by leading researchers developing the new science of "MOF Mechanics", this book is suitable for both students and researchers who are new to the field.