Prof. Van Speybroek highlighted as one of the strong Woman of Catalysis

The ChemCatChem journal, one of the premier journals in the field of catalysis, highlights the strong contributions of women-lead research groups in Catalysis Science. They placed 67 strong female researchers in the picture in a special issue: “Woman of Catalysis”. One of the invited authors is Prof. Veronique Van Speybroeck. She is leading the Center for Molecular Modeling, a multidisciplinary research center of about 40 researchers at the crossroads between physics, chemistry and materials engineering belonging to the Faculties of Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. Prof. Van Speybroeck is the recipient of two flagship grants from the European Research Council (ERC) and published more than 350 journal articles, amongst others in Science, Nature Materials, Nature Chemistry and Nature Communications. The ChemCatChem journal states that many exciting new advances in the field of catalysis science are contributed by female-led research groups. The Special Issue was conceived as a venue to celebrate the achievements of female researchers in the field of catalysis and highlight some of the best research led by women. With this action they also wanted to promote the representation of female researchers as speakers on international conferences or within editorial boards. With this special issue they wish to give visibility to Female research leaders to a broader catalysis community. Read the editorial here and the entire issue here.