Lecture of Prof. Ilja Siepmann

On monday, 25th of November 2019, Prof. Ilja Siepmann will present a lecture entitled Predictive modeling of Adsorption in nanoporous materials: high-throughput screening, machine learning and first principles simulations at CMM in Auditorium A.03 Industrieel Beheer.

J. Ilja Siepmann is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor, a Distinguished Teaching Professor, and member of the graduate faculties in chemistry, chemical physics, chemical engineering, and materials science at the University of Minnesota. He is also the director of the DOE-funded Nanoporous Materials Genome Center and an associate editor for the Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. Before joining the University of Minnesota in 1994, Dr. Siepmann carried out postdoctoral research at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, the Royal/Shell Laboratory in Amsterdam, and the University of Pennsylvania's Laboratory for the Research on the Structure of Matter. His scientific interests are focused on particle-based simulations of complex chemical systems, including the prediction of phase and sorption equilibria and of thermophysical properties, the understanding of retention in chromatography, and the investigation of microheterogeneous fluids and nucleation phenomena. His research efforts have advanced the capabilities of molecular simulations through the development of efficient Monte Carlo algorithms and transferable force fields