An Albert J. Moscowitz Memorial Lecture by speaker Prof. Veronique Van Speybroeck

On Feb 5th, 2019, Prof. Van Speybroeck gave an Albert J. Moscowitz Memorial Lecture at the University of Minnesota about unraveling complex chemical and physical transformations in nanoporous materials at operating conditions.

The Albert J. Moscowitz Memorial Lectureship in Chemistry was established by friends and colleagues of Professor Albert J. Moscowitz (1929-1996) to honor his many contributions to molecular spectroscopy. He was known for his research on the interpretation of optical rotation and circular dichroism spectra in terms of the structures of chiral molecules. In collaboration with colleagues in the medical sciences, he developed important applications of his methods to biomedical systems.

The lecture of Prof. Van Speybroeck highlights the power of advanced molecular dynamics techniques to sample the free energy surface at operating conditions of temperature, pressure, and guest loading. These advanced sampling molecular techniques account for the complexity of the transformation in close agreement with experiment. Examples are taken from zeolite catalysis as well as physical and chemical transformations within metal-organic frameworks.

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