Karen Dedecker

PhD Fellow (EA17)
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Protocol for Identifying Accurate Collective Variables in Enhanced Molecular Dynamics Simulations for the Description of Structural Transformations in Flexible Metal–Organic Frameworks, R. Demuynck, J. Wieme, S.M.J. Rogge, K. Dedecker, L. Vanduyfhuys, M. Waroquier, V. Van Speybroeck, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 14 (11), pp 5511–5526, 2018, IF: 5.399, 5/36 [Q1]

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Towards an understanding of the role of π-cation interactions in accelerating living cationic ring-opening polymerization of unsaturated alkyl-2-oxazolines, E. Van den Broeck, B. Verbraeken, P. Cnudde, K. Dedecker, R. Demuynck, T. Verstraelen, L. Vanduyfhuys, S. Catak, R. Hoogenboom, V. Van Speybroeck, Cecam Workshop - Frontiers and challenges of computing metals for biochemical, medical and technological applications, Paris, France, Wed, 11/07/2018 to Fri, 13/07/2018