Magnetic moment of the Jπ=6+ isomeric level in 134Te

K. Heyde, M. Waroquier, P. Van Isacker, H. Vincx
Physical Review C
16 (1), 489-492
Published while none of the authors were employed at the CMM


The g factor for the Jπ=6+ isomeric level in 134Te can be reproduced within the experimental error by taking into account core polarization as well as velocity dependence corrections to the magnetic dipole operator. The wave function describing this isomeric state is obtained by diagnolizing a residual Gaussian interaction in a two-particle configuration space.
[NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 134Te; calculated levels, J, π, g factor for isomeric Jπ=6+ level. Corrected M1 operator: core polarization, velocity dependence.] © 1977 The American Physical Society