Local initiation conditions for water autoionization

M. Moqadam, A. Lervik, E. Riccardi, V. Venkatraman, B. Kare Alsberg, T.S. van Erp
115 (20), E4569-E4576


The pH of liquid water is determined by the infrequent process in which water molecules split into short-lived hydroxide and hydronium ions. This reaction is difficult to probe experimentally and challenging to simulate. One of the open questions is whether the local water structure around a slightly stretched OH bond is actually initiating the eventual breakage of this bond or whether this event is driven by a global ordering that involves many water molecules far away from the reaction center. Here, we investigated the self-ionization of water at room temperature by rare-event ab initio molecular dynamics and obtained autoionization rates and activation energies in good agreement with experiments. Based on the analysis of thousands of molecular trajectories, we identified a couple of local order parameters and show that if a bond stretch occurs when all these parameters are around their ideal range, the chance for the first dissociation step (double-proton jump) increases from 10(-7) to 0.4. Understanding these initiation triggers might ultimately allow the steering of chemical reactions.