Comments on the effective M2 and E3 transition probabilities for the 1h11/2 single-quasiproton states

M. Waroquier, K. Heyde
Physical Review C
10 (4), 1548-1550


It has been shown that in the evaluation of the M2 transition from the Jπ=11/2-(1) to the Jπ=7/2+(1) state in the odd-proton N=82 isotones, the three-quasiparticle admixtures in the transition moment, are not negligible.
NUCLEAR STRUCTURE 141Pr; B(M2;1h11/2→1g7/2), B(E3;1h11/2→1d5/2) and the gyromagnetic ratio g1h11/2 Quasi-Tamm-Dancoff Approximation. Comparison theory experiment.