Potluck breakfast @CMM

After three years we could finally organize our yearly potluck breakfast again. On Thursday morning October 13th, 2022 we welcomed six new master students and a new PhD student.

At the beginning of October Alen T. Mathew joined CMM to work together with Reza Mehdipour. Alen received his master’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology. During his master thesis he studied the folding patterns of Tau protein using replica exchange molecular dynamics. At CMM his PhD project is mainly focused on membrane transporters and receptors, which he will study using molecular dynamics simulations and docking.

Hereafter you can find an overview of our new master students and their topics. We wish them and Alen a good time here at CMM and a lot of inspiration upon their scientific journey.

Bjarne De Bruyn - Extracting high-dimensional free energy surfaces from molecular simulations to accurately estimate the rate of physical and chemical processes

Sander De Meyer - The mystery of high-temperature superconductivity: ab-initio calculations using density-functional theory, downfolding and tensor networks

Bram Mornie - From Schrödinger to Newton: ab initio derived classical force fields versus machine learning potentials for zeolite properties

Lisa Ronsyn - Artificial intelligence-driven modeling of protein complexes

Wim Temmerman - Direct CO2 valorization on zeolite catalysts: Identifying olefin formation pathways in a complex molecular environment

Daan Verraes - Increasing the accuracy of quantum-mechanical simulations for strongly correlated functional materials by designing effective Hamiltonians