Postdoc position available

Postdoc position available in the field of modelling confinement effects in hydrophobic nanoporous materials in the research group of prof. V. Van Speybroeck at the Center for Molecular Modeling, Ghent University, Belgium.

The research group of prof. Van Speybroeck, embedded within the multidisciplinary Center for Molecular Modeling (CMM,, is looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher with prior experience in the theoretical modeling of nanoporous materials for a 1-year project (with possibility of an extension). We especially welcome candidates with a strong track record who may become eligible to apply for Marie-Curie postdoctoral fellowships or prestigious postdoctoral fellowships at our national funding agency (FWO).

The current project aims to obtain fundamental understanding on how the confinement of small molecules inside nanopores alters their physical and chemical properties. To this end, the candidate will develop a reliable procedure to accurately model these confinement effects for a variety of small molecules inside the pores of hydrophobic nanoporous materials such as zeolites, metal-organic frameworks, and covalent organic frameworks. To obtain accurate thermodynamic information on these confinement effects, it is the intention to use both quantum mechanical as well as classical simulation methods to model the interactions between the adsorbed molecules and the nanoporous framework. A proper understanding of these confinement effects, which is currently not available, is a key enabler to identify promising molecules and nanoporous materials for a variety of applications. The here proposed research will be conducted in close collaboration with excellent experimental groups to guide the design towards new and promising functional materials.

The prospective candidate will join a strongly connected research team and will collaborate with national and international academic partners. He/she will benefit from the experience present in the research group, specifically on the development of general procedures to model physical and chemical transformations in nanoporous materials. The CMM is an interfaculty research unit at Ghent University, grouping about 40 scientists from the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. The research team consists of various junior and senior researchers with various backgrounds which enables us to provide a proper intellectual environment for the conducted research.

The CMM performs interdisciplinary research at the crossroads between physics, chemistry and materials engineering with the aim to design molecules, materials, and processes at the nanoscale. To this end, the CMM consists of six synergetic research areas: “Nanoporous materials”, “Solid-state physics”, “Bio/organic chemistry”, “Model and software development”, “Spectroscopy”, and “Many-particle physics”. To enable groundbreaking research at the interface of physics, chemistry, and materials science, we strongly stimulate interactions between the various researchers in the team consisting of chemists, chemical engineers, physicists, physical engineers and bioengineers as well as with the vast network of national and international partners. The research group is internationally regarded to be at the forefront in its field.  

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a highly motivated and creative postdoctoral candidate with:

• A master’s degree of an international equivalent in the field of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Engineering Physics, Physical Chemistry or a related field;

• A PhD in the field of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Engineering Physics, Physical Chemistry or a related field;

• A track record of publications in the above research fields;

• Demonstrable experience in grant writing;

• Perseverance and an independent, pro-active working style;

• The willingness to look beyond the borders of his/her own discipline and a strong motivation to work in a multidisciplinary team;

• Excellent collaboration and communication skills (written and verbally) in English.

What can we offer you?

The selected candidate will have the opportunity to attend various international conferences and to include research stays abroad in the most prominent international research teams in this field within the framework of his/her postdoc. He/she will get the ability to strengthen his/her CV within the context of a strongly motivated and multidisciplinary research team.

How to apply?

It is the intention to fill these positions as soon as possible. Fill in the application form (download below) and send the form together with all required documents to

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