ir. Lennart Joos nominated laureate for the IE-prizes

Four CMM-members participated in this year's edition of the IE-prizes. The IE-prizes are a yearly competition organized by AIG, in which graduated engineering master students have to convince a jury of the relevance and quality of their thesis work.

Only the 10% best students are selected for this competition, among them ir. Thomas Bogaerts, ir. Thierry De Meyer, ir. Kristof De Wispelaere and ir. Lennart Joos. All four thesises were written at the CMM and supervised by Prof. Waroquier and Prof. Van Speybroeck.

Lennart Joos was nominated as a laureate in the category 'energy, climate, environment and nature' for his thesis on the 'Influence of carbon species on the reactivity of CO on cobalt surfaces in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis'. This work is now continued in the scope of his PhD, supervised by Prof. Van Speybroeck and in cooperation with Prof. van Santen of TU/Eindhoven.