Welcome to the Center for Molecular Modeling

The Center for Molecular Modeling focuses on frontier research in six major areas - chemical kinetics in nanoporous materials, computational material research on the nanoscale, spectroscopy, many-particle physics, model development & bio- and organic chemistry. Our multidisciplinary research team is currently composed of about 35 researchers from the Faculties of Sciences (WE05) and Engineering and Architecture (EA17, EA10) of Ghent University.

New A1-publications

D. Terentyev, A. Bakaev, D. Van Neck, E. Zhurkin , Philosophical Magazine , 96 (1), 71-83 , 2016
B. Bueken, F. Vermoortele, M.J. Cliffe, M.T. Wharmby, D. Foucher, J. Wieme, L. Vanduyfhuys, C. Martineau, N. Stock, F. Taulelle, V. Van Speybroeck, A.L. Goodwin, D. De Vos , Chemistry - A European Journal , 2016, 22, 1-5 , 2016
T. De Meyer, I. Steyaert, K. Hemelsoet, R. Hoogenboom, V. Van Speybroeck, K. De Clerck , Dyes and Pigments , 124 (2016), 249-257 , 2016

Latest news

IAP P7/05 Lecture
On Januray 14, 2016, Prof. Monique van der Veen will give a lecture entitled 'Unravelling the photo-excited charge transfer and photocatalytic functioning of metal-organic frameworks' in Auditorium
General news
"Eigenvalue-based determinants for scalar products and form factors in Richardson–Gaudin integrable models coupled to a bosonic mode" has been selected as editor's pick by the Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical. Read the interview... more

Latest press release

Innovatieve technologie tegen klimaatopwarming ontwikkeld door UGent en Berkeley (VS)
→ Het Centrum voor Moleculaire Modellering (UGent) en de University of California, Berkeley, stellen een nieuwe, goedkopere, technologie voor... more